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Welcome to our homepage!


The element fire has fascinated human beings from time immemorial. It invokes in us a feeling of comfort and provides a feel-good atmosphere, that no artificial light can create. Watching the flickering flames has a calming effect on mind and soul, which is particularly important in these hectic and fast-moving times.

Whether in the house, in the garden, on the patio or on your table, conjure up a romantic atmosphere with our flame pots in your home or create eye-catching features at your parties and events.

Our flame pots are exclusively made from natural and high-quality materials in timeless designs and enchant the onlooker even when they are not in use. Next to the aesthetic aspects, we also emphasise other criteria as particularly important, such as security and simple, clean handling. These features clearly set our products apart from other commercially available goods.

Our product range comprises:

• Flame pots Impruneta – fireplaces for indoor and outdoor use

• Flame pots Cotto – fireplaces for outdoor use only

Flame pots Tavola – table fires for inside and out

Visit our shop. You will be delighted...

free shipping on orders over 10 kg to Austria and Germany

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     Friedrich von Schiller, German poet, 1759 – 1805
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